Why settle for ordinary products when extraordinary products from Vidacup are right at your fingertips?

Vidacup's products feature proprietary formulations of superior quality, functional and high-impact in the form of coffees, teas and other nutritional products. Our products are unique because they all contain an extremely potent extract of a specialized strain of the Agaricus Blazei Murill mushroom. Called H1X1 Super Concentrate and exclusive to Vidacup, this ingredient is highly touted for its multitude of health benefits and supported by dozens of clinical studies.

About H1X1 Super Concentrate

Named H1X1 in the lab, this patent-pending mushroom extract has much higher levels of beta-glucans (help lower cholesterol), enzymes and other health-enhancing nutrients than many other extracts on the market.

H1X1 Super concentrate is a super hero ingredient when it comes to providing incredible health benefits and it's in every product that Vidacup makes. Simply put, it has the ability to better your overall well-being by directly supporting healthy immune function.


The Story

The rainforests of Brazil have long been touted as having some of the most efficacious natural healing plants in the world. There is abundant rain and lush vegetation. The canopy created by this lush vegetation allows only dappled sunlight to shine through. This moist, mostly dark environment is the perfect one in which mushrooms can grow, including the Agaricus Blazei.

This mushroom first caught the attention of researches about 40 years ago when they noticed that natives from the Peidade region of Brazil were healthier than people of similar ages who lived in other parts of the world. Many lived to be over 100, but looked and acted younger. Through much trial and error it was determined that the reason for this difference was due to the AGaricus Blazei mushroom and its myriad health benefits.

Spores from this magic mushroom were sent to Japan and researchers studied them to unlock the key to their health-enhancing properties. They found high levels of beta-glucans and a variety of other powerful nutrients. Once they understood the makeup of this miracle plant, they started creating a number of hybrids as a way of improving the levels of beneficial nutrients. The hybrid that worked best was that of the Agaricus Blazei and another mushroom from the coast of California. This most powerful combination was dubbed H1X1.

While the normal strain of Agaricus Blazei is now cultivated in China and Japan, the patented H1X1 strain is grown in Pennsylvania. So stringent are the qualifications that the plants are tested to determine that the spores are only first or second generation. The original spores are stored in locked freezer safes in the U.S. and Europe for safekeeping and so they can continue to be used for this DNA testing. It is important to Vidacup that these spores are protected from being lost or destroyed.

Recently, scientists and researchers have invented a new extraction process that yields a more potent and bio-available form of the life-enhancing nutrients contained in the H1X1 mushroom. Using this newly developed enzyme extraction method produces an even more potent product than the original.

And just as exciting, Vidacup has obtained exclusive distribution rights for this new extraction we call H1X1 Super Concentrate. All of Vidacup's beverage formulas, and other products, will contain this amazing ingredient, transforming your favorite beverages into a true cup of life.